Star Slinger - How Did I Find You?

One morning last week I woke up unusually early & inspired. The night before I’d been reading a really good book about productivity & what stops us from creating something. That book is Steven Pressfield’s book The War Of Art. I recommend it to anyone who is doing something creative yet hits a wall, or is easily distracted.

Anyway, I thrashed out the first ideas, and then refined the song over the past couple days to make it more summery. There is an EP or album ahead of sorts.

Lyrically its a stream of conciousness song mashed somewhere between distractions /fantasising / wandering instead of working and also being in awe of the fate of ending up with the one you love.

If you’re on the mailing list you probably recieved the MP3 before anyone else. If not, you can stream below or purchase here. If you’re part of the Spotify gang – it should be up in a couple days!