Music and Art change everything. Honestly.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an armchair fan or if you’re heavily involved in their worlds. At some point in your life an act has came on the radio, or shown up in your feed, or you’ve seen them playing for the first time or you’ve been personally handed their demo. In the case of an artist you could have been to an exhibition on the off chance, saw a painting hanging on the walls of a bank, graffiti down a dark alley. These are all situations where I’ve fell in love with art and I dare bet most of you have too.

Not to say music and art are a Universal experience. Our minds all have different perceptions & art can rub you up the wrong way sometimes. For instance when I worked at a cinema – I loved Enter The Void and didn’t squint at watching it a 2nd,3rd,4th time (it did help that was my job too). Others who had paid to see it however didn’t last one sitting! They came out feeling sick from the camera angle and the bleak subject matter. To me, thats what a good piece of art does. It can make you feel something you otherwise wouldn’t have felt.

Art changes you for better or for worse. Subtly or in a big way. It shakes us up. It pisses us off. It brightens our day. It shows us another way. Another worldview that maybe we could adopt ourselves. It makes us feel less alone. I used to listen to the radio on earbuds until I was like 18 every night. I’d listen in on cheesy phone ins, John Peel sessions – whatever took my fancy.

It doesn’t stop at the media itself. The sound in a club will have you recalling the night for years to come. If I think back to most of my nights out in big clubs – the ones that stood out were because of the amazing Funktion One sound systems that were installed in them. If you’re not familiar Tony Andrews who makes those soundsystems clearly cares about that experience you get when you visit a big club.

Sometimes you can listen to a band and hone in on fully on the lyrics. Other times you can zone in on the guitar, how it makes you feel. Or the whole cacophony of chords meshing together can rub you up a different way.

As a listener or spectator we often take the music for granted. Not understanding the work that has gone into the songs we hold so dear. So much sacrifice often goes into the making of art that we don’t realise when we take a glimpse. People will do anything to realise their vision.

Part of the awe on the spectator’s end is definately linked with this sacrifice in my opinion. We see meaningful work and it somehow sucks us in. It often becomes a classic like Fleetwood Mac – Rumors. Sometimes it will slip under the radar to most but one person will repeat until they fall asleep & then they’ll tell everyone the next day.

I remember a fan once told me after a show “Your music makes me feel like I don’t have to go to work tomorrow” & I’ll forever remember that. I’ve always thought since then if music can have that effect on people, then I will do this for the rest of my life.