Star Slinger - A Singer In A Choir


A Singer In A Choir is a song I wrote for my grandfather Alan, who I never got to meet & Also my great-grandfather John who was a singer in a choir. I won’t go into too much detail but I discovered from my dad’s findings that John was also musically inclined. He was in a choir group and sang regularly! I only found this out this year on my last visit back home.

It wasn’t really a surprise since John’s grandson (my dad) has also been hugely into music, in bands etc throughout the years. What I did take with it though is how great it would be for Alan to be here, to tell stories of his time & of John etc.

Its unfortunate he isn’t around to accompany us.

The chorus is just metaphor that lends from the original sample I chopped which is strings from Paddy McAloon’s “I Trawl The Megahertz” –  I sing about scanning the airwaves as a metaphor for going back in my mind… Theres a whole story to Paddy’s version you can hear on YouTube also. But of course the irony of the lyric is I cannot recall anything of him (he died way before i was born). I only hear the stories and see photo cuttings that are pieced together with my dad’s detective work. Each bit of information we learn about him is a little breakthrough.

So this song kind of wrote itself one morning. The way I write is half concious/half free, so some of the lyrics don’t make 100% sense but that: to many – is the artistic license. The 2nd verse is half self-adressed – asking myself to challenge myself more (for the legacy) and half addressing Alan not getting to see the beauty of the world as much as he could have.

In a way I wrote this song for anyone who never got to meet a relative. It might strike a chord with you.

Free download via bandcamp or you can purchase on itunes, spotify in a couple.