This post is for artists, creators etc.

Bob Dylan never gave a Fuck, So why should you?

Just look at his 2016 album Fallen Angels on Spotify. Even though he’s still signed to Columbia/Sony- some of the releases have songs that are a year old & still have under 1000 plays. Thats insane. Every 7 years someone boos Bob off stage for singing Gospel one year or doing weird Christmas songs another. He doesn’t care though. People will still listen to Like A Rolling Stone, The Times They Are A-Changin’, Knocking On Heaven’s Door until they die – but he can’t and isn’t interested in writing another. He just does whatever he wants.

We should all take a lesson from Bobby D. Be fearless, make work you like & put it out for the world to judge. Because as long as you don’t offend people with bad music they will only remember you for your great stuff. Don’t get off on people accepting you by numbers or not. This is your work and your art. Its upto you to do it again and again and again. Occasionally the songs will resonate with others.

In the 2010’s its easy to look at data and say “oh my fans like this and that so i’ll do more of that” – but at the end of the day – art is supposed to change people. How will we change people’s lives by following data patterns. Chances are you made those songs people love back when you didn’t give a shit.

Make music you like. The end.