Reflecting on life is sometimes easier through Children’s books. Reading a good story to your son or daughter before bed will do the trick often by suprise. One book I’ve been reaching for lately is The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.

Although the protagonist “Rainbow Fish” is beautifully swagged out with a rainbow of glittering scales on the surface – you quickly begin to see the scales as status symbols. RF gives off a “You can’t sit with us” vibe.

He proceeds to brag and boast & will not share his scales with his friends & so quickly the friends of his eventually run scarce and tell everyone not to hang with him. He’s now alone from his own ego. All because he is not willing to share a little of his shine with each friend.

Its easy to look at it 2 ways.

  1. Either Rainbow Fish’s friends are merely swaggerjackers who want a piece of RF’s unique swag
  2. Rainbow Fish is egotistical and wants deep down to feel important, rather than one with a unit! This is quite common in humanity but nothing bad ever came from sharing a little shine with your friends.

So here’s what I gathered from the Rainbow Fish story who eventually learns he needs to share to be happy.

The people around you. Family. Friends. Acquaintances. The probability of us even sharing this earth together is scarce, when you consider the odds of being born. So you have to take a minute to be thankful for everyone.

Share a little shine with the people around you & I guarantee they’ll have your back forever.