I was riding my girlfriend’s bike back to our apartment this morning after dropping Paz at Nursery. Her bike is an old imported black Mamachari. Its a sturdy Japanese city bike which I recommend to anyone but it only has 1 speed.

Driving past Cankarjedom (a big events hall in Ljubljana) there is a big flat square of land & I see a big ramp ahead that I have to drive up. Of course I know I’m getting closer so I have to speed up on the one speed with enough momentum to get up the ramp without peddling too much/stopping to walk up. This simple act of preparation was super satisfying.

Of course the one speed bike is a limitation but it made me more active. Imagine you have a mountain bike with 18 speeds, and switching gears. Sometimes its more rewarding to have a great one speed bike and speed up & get ready for the ramp.

Thats how I feel about making music sometimes. Its better to work on one good idea at a time than a thousand small ones for the sake of it. Thrash out on that one idea (preparing for the ramp) and then finishing it (getting up the ramp) will be a breeze & more rewarding.