There’s nothing we disdain more than the clock. Everyday we have deadlines to meet. Most of them seem like a necessary inconvenience like getting up at 7.30 so you can arrive on time at your job or take your kid to school.

Deadlines aren’t just about handing in work. They’re cut off points in time we can’t afford to miss. At school (at least in most) you have constant deadlines. The deadlines at work might break you – they’re very real. Or they might make you rush & under-deliver. We like to think they actually help us deliver. That the extra bit of pressure gives us the kick we need sometimes. Beating the clock is a kick.

On the other hand though, taking time to do something you care about doesn’t have a deadline. It doesn’t fit conveniently in an allotted time frame. In fact time doesn’t matter when you care about committing to something. You go in blind. You don’t start your relationships with 2 year windows in mind.

The things that matter in the grand scheme of things always seem to happen just in time.