So back in May 2016, you may recall my artwork for the Volume 2 cover. It was essentially a mockup of an A3 linocut I had made. On the run up to this I sold a handful of my fans MORNIN prints that were very similar to the Volume 2 cover art. Instead of Volume 2 the text said MORNIN.

Around that same time I decided I wanted to make a much bigger piece. Subconciously I drew up this woman and a park bench in Adobe Illustrator. I have not the faintest idea why, but I do love the female form and the bench probably symbolises a period of waiting! At this time I was waiting for We Could Be More to come out on the OWSLA label. Then I made a pattern with the illustration & envisioned it being traced and carved up meticulously on a 60cm x 60cm sheet of Linoleum. I love patterns and repetition in art. I find them hypnotising! They are the reason people love 4/4 music in nightclubs and in life they  are the reason we learn to love or hate a routine! I have always enjoyed patterns in textiles and paintings. I think the unique thing about this piece is that although the repetition is obvious in the pattern – the lino cut process & my human ability doesn’t allow the pattern to be perfect. Therefore every woman and bench carved has its own imperfections.

60 x 60 is the biggest size of Lino available at the art supplies shop on my street corner so I headed out and got to work. 5 days later I was pressing the design onto canvas. Pressing lino onto Canvas is generally not the best practice but I managed to make a piece I am very fond of. Its been hanging on my wall for the past year.

In January I was gifted a cross trainer while it was snowing heavily outside on the Ljubljana streets. I saw the cross trainer as a good omen to get started on a healthy journey. As a beginner in this field it was the perfect starting point. I put on music I loved and faced the window in my living room and as I cross trained each day I would ponder what Park Bench Woman meant, and look out at the snow on the rooftops opposite! It took 1 month for the snow to melt at one point so I will never forget this time.

Since January I have been exercising although I wore out the cross trainer, which was then fixed & returned to the owner! I have moved from cross training to jogging on the spot for 50 minutes per day. I do 3 days on, 1 day off and I feel great/have seen results. I encourage anyone who gets into exercise to get in it for the long game with no expectation of immediate change. Its gradual like anything worth the effort in life! 7 months in – and if I miss a day I miss the experience! The exercise and this Large format linocut I did are similar in that they both take a lot of patience!

Above is a video documenting the process of Park Bench Woman. The one off Canvas is available at my store.