Another morning on the bicycle taking toddler Paz to nursery. Its a short ride passing hundreds of coffee-hungry students under our local cafe’s umbrellas, drifting past different countries’ Embassies & down towards Tivoli park, but my hands certainly feel the chill. “Lets wait for the green man” I say as people straggle themselves to work. 9°C doesn’t sound bad on paper but I can feel the biting sensation of “winters coming soon”. The cold bites my hands as Paz sits relaxed in the child seat pointing at the orange leaves on the floor. Then I notice, the duck down jackets are here again & I wish I’d put on my gloves. How we’ll adapt to the pending minus weather I’m unsure but we always seem to pull through with thicker and thicker attire.

Today you will find me reading Marcel Proust: In Search Of Lost Time (Volume 1) and recording music at home. I’m really unsure when I’ll have a record worth releasing but what I do know is I’m thankful for good health & creativity & that there is still a core fanbase out there listening to the handful of music I released this year & the 6 years before it. Sending love to you!