Star Slinger - Cats Come To Me

The other week I was listening to a Morrissey interview with Russell Brand & on the subject of cats – he said “cats, you can’t move to them, they have to come to you”. The sentiment is something I have known for a while but it sent me off down memory lane. I’ve always been allergic to cat hair & so when I visited people’s homes with cats there they’d come to me & my eyes would start to itch real bad.

Aside from touching on my allergic reaction to cats (regrettably otherwise I’d love the attention they give), the song is also half nostalgic about my childhood and teen years. I mention two of the most foolish things I did as a youth.

So yes, a few things laid bare here. A fun track to make.

Thanks to patrick from Halfbrother for providing vocals on the breakdown!

Stream the track below: