SZA - Aftermath (Star Slinger Remix)
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Unheard until now, I remixed one of SZA`s first songs. I have to thank Remy Banks (New York Rapper) who I had met up with at the Electracraft studios in Manhattan. It was a leisurely day & Remy hipped me to her. Funnily enough that same session my girlfriend took her pregnancy test in the studio bathroom & found out she was pregnant with my child. I will not forget it. Anyway,  I fell in love with the song Aftermath for its lyrics instantly…

I apologise for waiting to tell you for so long that I am not human.

I am made of Bacon, fairy tales, pixie dust – I don’t feel.

I hung myself, I didnt die, Im omnipotent, Im alive

Not real but Im alive

I remember her following me back on twitter, and I would send beats. One valentines day I was in New York and I messaged her to see if she wants to get in the studio… It never happened. Maybe the DM seemed thirsty on V Day hahaha! “lets make music on valentines day” can sound a bit no chill… But SZA continued to like all my baby photos on Insta when paz was born! So there is that 😛 haha.

Anyway I got the stems for aftermath from producer WNDRBRD and made this mix. I never released it because at the time I felt it was too Minimal for my tastes… But listening back I think it is a nice blissful take on one of my fav songs ever. IMO the original was an anthem released too early in SZAs career to be lapped up in mass adoption!

Hope u can dig it!

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