If you know me IRL, you may know that I am a massive fan of The Smiths. At 15/16 I heard my first The Smiths song and it changed my life. That song was “Ask”. My local record shop had only “The World Won`t Listen” in stock and so I got it. I had heard about The Smiths as many bands I already liked cited them as influences in magazines. The fact that I only picked up a compilation album of theirs and it changed my life speaks volumes for how amazing The Smiths were.

Anyway, how did “Ask” change my life exactly? – Well as an impressionable teen who loves music, I heard Morrissey`s lyrics at just the right time. I was struggling a little with my confidence and hearing Morrissey preach the following made me force myself to be more outgoing.

“Shyness is nice, but shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life you`d like to”

I did the remix a couple of weeks ago and decided to unleash it on Sunday evening. It felt fitting. Smiths fans will get it. But what excites me is that now I can play this in the club and perhaps the shy teens on the dancefloor will take notice of these lyrics just like I did when playing the World Wont Listen CD back in the day.

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