Hey people!

Back in 2015 I met Laura Penate (singer/painter) on a nightclub rooftop in New York. We kept in touch and collaborated a bunch via the interwebs. We share similar influences like Bjork, Depeche Mode, Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac… U know classic weird pop stuff, but then also electronica stuffs and hip hop.

We started making tunes back then on and off… In 2017 I finally watched Stranger Things and it dawned on me that we had been making synthy parts in our music not too dissimilar to the theme music. Then it dawned on me that Laura looked like Eleven. Then I imagined that Eleven would like our music! It felt like the project named itself.

Anyway for the first single, its just a teaser for the EP. A cover of one of my fav songs of last year. Majid Jordan`s Gave Your Love Away. We hope we did it justice.

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Also a little bit of triva about the artwork. Laura made it and the original piece is 6 feet by 6 feet. Thats huge! Damn! Anyway, here is a picture of her posing in front of it.