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Last spring/summer when I lived in Ljubljana, I made it my mission to read more. Aside from making music & playing with my daughter, reading was all I did that summer. One of the books I read was “How Proust Can Change Your Life” by Alain De Botton. I found out about this book via a girl I met in Berlin. She told me to read “The Art of Travel” (I’m linking the Documentary version because I watched instead of reading) where De Botton laments on how people get overly invested in expensive overseas holidays, when really all they’re trying to do is get away from their everyday lives. He believes you could visit anywhere in the world. 10 metres from your home or 50,000 miles away – it doesn’t matter. The point of the holiday is to get away from your everyday lives. I have to admit after lots of world travel, I agree. If you travel enough you can start to feel at home anywhere too. The world feels smaller after all the long-haul flights. Anyway, so I checked out some books by De Botton & came across How Proust Can Change Your Life. I’d always heard about Proust but really didn’t know much about him.

What is striking about Proust is that he spent around 14 years inside his bedroom writing these books before he died (he was ill). He would write for hours dissecting each thought he had about a monotonous newspaper article he’d read that day. Each thought would cascade into another & he would go on many tangents, sometimes concluding, sometimes drifting on his subjects. It appears spending all this time on writing made him a master & he poured his all into these works. His descriptive writing pulls you deep into his beautiful mind.

After reading De Botton’s book it had me sold on reading In Search of Lost Time (volumes 1 – 6). It took months but I saved my favourite quotes on my Kindle Paperwhite 2 & out of them I picked some of my favourites. I decided to read them one day over an instrumental beat I had made. I decided I would read more books by other authors and do the same. If you like this concept, hear & read the accompanying articles to Choose Yourself & Self-Reliance. All these tracks are part of Music To Help You Read More. A forthcoming project of me speaking over beats.

Without further ado, here is The Best Quotes From Marcel Proust’s In Search Of Lost Time , in song/video form below.

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