Star Slinger No More Mr. Nice Guy


Hi guys

Today I made this song. I already had the words in my lyrics/thoughts notebook. . I wrote them down a few weeks ago but the sample I chose out of the blue today went hand in hand. I’ve struggled being the Nice Guy in my life before. At school I made friends with girls I didn’t have the courage to ask out on a date. In essence I was settling for friendship because I didn’t have the balls to get in there. I’d avoid rejection and confrontation at all costs. In my adult life I learned that rejection and confrontation are very necessary. The times I’ve been overly nice I’ve been taken advantage of. The times I’ve been overly nice with a girl I really fancy, she has left me in the friend zone. Every time I’ve been confrontational and blunt, its usually worked out in my favour. Who do you respect more, the shy retiring guy? Or the upfront, honest john who just says what he means?

I already know the answer. The honest john has more respect for himself, and therefore you respect him more. The nice guy on the other hand, comes last. The cliche is real.

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