Star Slinger - Greatness A Song About Eddie Hall 500KG Deadlift


Last week I wrote a song inspired by Eddie Hall’s Strongman documentary. Although he is a well prepared athlete, he broke the world record 500kg deadlift whilst jet-lagged & after almost no sleep at the Arnold Classic in Melbourne. It occurred to me that sometimes we reach greatness when we’re like “the situation is not ideal but fuck it, i could give it my best shot”.

My first album happened that way. I was fired, got dumped & then the music came out. You know, greatness happens when the odds are sometimes against you & yet you step up to the task & you achieve it!

I’ve also been lifting weights myself for the past few months using Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength program. I’m well on my way in transforming myself from a soft pudgy weakling to a solid strong dude. I’m also on a ketogenic diet of low carb foods currently & I have got leaner whilst building muscle mass. If you want to jump on the journey with me, I recommend that you get an Olympic Barbell, Cast Iron Olympic Weight plates, a Squat stand & a flat bench & read the book, following it step by step, whilst learning the basic barbell exercises. That along with the video tutorials by Mark Rippetoe online will help you get strong!

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