Star Slinger - Let's All Get Divorced
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My parents broke up when I was 8, 10 years after being together. It hurt because I was emotionally mature. More so than my 6 year old sister. I broke up from my ex partner (the mother of my child) when my daughter was 6. It is no surprise half of all marriages tend to end in divorce.

Most divorce’s seem to happen at a certain time. In my experience it mostly happens when a woman between 28 – 35 feels she’s approaching her peak years and starts to think she can do better. Her man is devoted to the family but maybe lost a bit of himself in doing so, and that makes him less attractive to her. What happens next – she leaves the guy – hoping to get a better partner quick. Only to find that she left a good man, and the so called “good men” have all been left behind to self-improve. They begin to turn cold & live the single life. Soon she’s saying “where did all the good men go?”. My mum did this.

I wanted to write a song about it. My experience from a number of angles made it an easy task. It’s now out everywhere. 10k streams on Spotify during the first week. That’s no indicator of how well it will travel because my biggest songs took a while to circulate. I find that is the beauty of releasing songs. You never who its going to reach and when.


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