Star Slinger Press Photo 2021

Yo, thanks for visiting my page. If you’re not familiar – my name is Darren. I’ve been producing music for over half of my life. Since 2010 I have used the Star Slinger alias.

The project was born from my love of making connections. From the alias down to the songs, to my mixing style as a DJ – its all based on connections. I used to listen to multiple genres as kid and notice similarities in the melodies of different genres and wonder why someone had not thought to combine them. It turns out the people who inspired me to make music also made the same types of connections and associations. Armand Van Helden, Kanye West, J Dilla, Moodymann, Kenny Dope, Brian Eno, Aphex Twin to name a few.

I have come to realise that this profound love of connecting styles, meanings, genres, images, associations, etc etc is at the core of what Star Slinger was and is still about. Its also a little about being carefree. Its in the name & thats how I want my music to feel. Someone once told me at a show  “your music makes me feel like I don’t have to go to work tomorrow” and to me – that was the biggest complement. Job done!

“The best act of the year by miles” The Guardian

“Combines the hyper soul sampling of Kanye West or Dipset producers Heatmakerz with a bubbling psychedelia reminiscent of J Dilla’s spacier moments.” – Pitchfork Media