Hi everybody and Welcome to The Drunken Slinger Podcast with me Darren Williams aka Star Slinger.

Its the podcast where I drunkenly interview interesting people who roll thru the weird in city in which I live, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Often the guests are sober & therefore I may come across as Ignorant, Arrogant, Strange or like that drunk person in the back of the club you`d be better to avoid. But hey, thats me. Hope you enjoy my drunken podcast.

This week`s guest needs no introduction because he’s a certified G. He goes by the name King Krule AKA Archie Marshall AKA DJ JD Sports AKA Return of the Pimp Shrimp… I think he has more AKAs than Erykah Badu at this point! Anyway …. Drunken Slinger x King Krule. Here we go.