Price list for mixing & mastering:

£200 per Song

£400 for an EP

£1000 for an album (upto 12 songs)

Price list for just mastering (no mixing):

£40 per song

£100 for an EP

£200 for album (upto 12 songs)

About Star Slinger Mixing & Mastering

I have mixed & mastered my own records for 10 years now & have mixed and mastered releases on major labels including Universal, Island, Sony & more. I have mixed and mastered Remixes for Duke Dumont, Ellie Goulding, London Grammar, Childish Gambino, Jessie Ware & many more.

My Mixing Style

My mixes are known for their prominent drum sound. Plenty of snap on the snares, kicks punching thru & bass working alongside it. Melody is kept at the forefront, but the groove is very important to me as a mixer – so I make sure it cuts through! Vocals are the most important & I will make sure your voice cuts through the entire mix & has enough clarity, respective of what you recorded the vocals on. An overall emphasis on the stereo image of the song is also applied. I want the song to sound as modern & musical as possible. I am influenced by Alex Tumay, Dave Pensado, Jaycen Joshua & some of the biggest names in mixing today.

My Mastering Style

My mastering style is as loud as possible, whilst maintaining the dynamic integrity of the mix.

Get in touch

If you would like me to mix & master your releases, I’m now offering this as a service. Email: darren@starslinger.net