This is a One-off Print on canvas made from the Lino Cut process with oil based ink. Park Bench Woman was made during The making of Volume 2 album using the same process as the art used on the Volume 2 cover. I personally made it fully with my own hands. The concept began with free drawing on Adobe Illustrator subconciously. I made a pattern with the woman and bench that looked pleasing to me. Repition to me can be beautiful in music and in textiles and art & originally intended the pattern to be printed on clothes (there is a super rare t shirt run but it sold out. One day I decided to cut the pattern at 60cm x 60cm onto Linoleum & print onto a Canvas. Linocut / block printing is not normally used for Canvas printing - it was a total n experiment! I really enjoyed the process and the catharsis of working on art & I'm pleased with the result. The art to me represents commitment to the process of making art & also to the female form. It took me one whole week to carve up the Linoleum block & thankfully my wrists were like Iron at the end of it. Much like when your fingers harden from learning to play the guitar! The price tag is reflective of the time spent & the rarity of the item. The item would be shipped w Care by a Reputable Shipping Service due to the nature of the product with Tracking. Shipping Worldwide!


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