Hey guys

I just released this tune on Bandcamp over the weekend. Its due for Spotify on Friday. I don’t know what it is about summer that makes me want to make sample-based house music. I did it last summer, and the urge is back. So expect more of this vibe.

I put a poll on Twitter asking what to call it.

I naturally picked the least popular title. “La Chance” was the one I wanted to run with. Other working titles were “You Won’t Find It Nowhere”, “L’occasion”, “Golden Opportunity” and “Opportunity”.

The tune talks of golden opportunities & the rarity of them. So if there’s an opportunity that presents itself to you – that is too good to pass up on. Make sure not to dawdle around or hesitate & get to it. I guess also ask yourself if its too good to be true… If it does not add up in your head, it might not play out IRL either. But if you been putting in work for something to happen, and you get an opportunity based on that – don’t doubt yourself. You worked hard for this, even if you didn’t see it happening.

Press play or buy on the Bandcamp embed below to listen ahead of friday general release! Thanks and best.


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