Star Slinger - A Singer In A Choir


A Singer In A Choir is a song I wrote for my grandfather Alan, who I never got to meet & Also my great-grandfather John who was a singer in a choir. I won’t go into too much detail but I discovered from my dad’s findings that John was also musically inclined. He was in a choir group and sang regularly! I only found this out this year on my last visit back home.

It wasn’t really a surprise since John’s grandson (my dad) has also been hugely into music, in bands etc throughout the years. What I did take with it though is how great it would be for Alan to be here, to tell stories of his time & of John etc.

Its unfortunate he isn’t around to accompany us.

The chorus is just metaphor that lends from the original sample I chopped which is strings from Paddy McAloon’s “I Trawl The Megahertz” –  I sing about scanning the airwaves as a metaphor for going back in my mind… Theres a whole story to Paddy’s version you can hear on YouTube also. But of course the irony of the lyric is I cannot recall anything of him (he died way before i was born). I only hear the stories and see photo cuttings that are pieced together with my dad’s detective work. Each bit of information we learn about him is a little breakthrough.

So this song kind of wrote itself one morning. The way I write is half concious/half free, so some of the lyrics don’t make 100% sense but that: to many – is the artistic license. The 2nd verse is half self-adressed – asking myself to challenge myself more (for the legacy) and half addressing Alan not getting to see the beauty of the world as much as he could have.

In a way I wrote this song for anyone who never got to meet a relative. It might strike a chord with you.

Free download via bandcamp or you can purchase on itunes, spotify in a couple.




Star Slinger - How Did I Find You?

One morning last week I woke up unusually early & inspired. The night before I’d been reading a really good book about productivity & what stops us from creating something. That book is Steven Pressfield’s book The War Of Art. I recommend it to anyone who is doing something creative yet hits a wall, or is easily distracted.

Anyway, I thrashed out the first ideas, and then refined the song over the past couple days to make it more summery. There is an EP or album ahead of sorts.

Lyrically its a stream of conciousness song mashed somewhere between distractions /fantasising / wandering instead of working and also being in awe of the fate of ending up with the one you love.

If you’re on the mailing list you probably recieved the MP3 before anyone else. If not, you can stream below or purchase here. If you’re part of the Spotify gang – it should be up in a couple days!





  1. Its the only hit song about swapping cars with your friend to wow a chick
  2. You can’t play it Once.
  3. Hooks are on point
  4. Even though its a cold club track Hus’ vocal delivery is emotional
  5. Its part of an exceptional whole. His album “Common Sense”
  6. “The black Benz turned white & she can’t believe it”


I really hope he wins something at the Mercury Prize 2017. Its been his year. Literally no one else is writing songs like this man & you can see why its done so well. I can compare his song craft to many greats who own a specific niche of songwriting. Even on his song “Like Your Style” off the album he has the guts to sing in a faux Liverpudlian voice “whats the crack whats the storeh”. J Hus is making his publishers very happy. People won’t forget his songs anytime soon!


And of course if you’ve not heard it, you’re probably in the US or living on a rock somewhere. So here is the music video (also good).


So flutes in Hip Hop. What was the first track you heard? Was it Big Pimpin? Sure Shot? Do you like the new wave of flute tracks produced by Metro Boomin & Murda Beatz for artists like Future, Drake & Kodak Black?

I certainly do. Here’s a short video talking about Flutes in Hip Hop & below is a Spotify playlist I’ve been putting together with the help of my fans on twitter/facebook!



Hey guys

Above is my new song that has Skrillex’ NEST HQ Blog calling me a “Flute Wave Pioneer” haha. See their post here.
In my defense, the song itself is my contribution to the flute wave. I am no pioneer! I just wanted to make a cool track w a flute in it. kinda like metro & murda have been doing for future/drake etc 🙂
The song name, I got from a Twitter Conversation w/ fan called Denise.

I put out the question out to my followers “what should i call this flute track I made?”
She replied “name the one thing you picture when you close your eyes”
Of course I tried & failed. I probably have a really shitty mind’s eye. Theres a condition… I think its called Aphantasia or something… Anyway I tried… but then I looked at what she said & thought it would make a great title! So many thanks to my fan Denise
Artwork: Michaela Selmani
Its Free to Download: starslingeruk.bandcamp.com/track/the-f…e-your-eyes