Star Slinger - Coldest Day In London
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Above is the video to my new single Coldest Day In London. It was shot in a few moments in London on Saturday.

I was quite nervous releasing this song as its probably the most straight forward and simple song I have written so far. There is not a drum beat in sight! I was listening to David Bowie, Billy Bragg, Pavement and King Krule a lot when i made it. It resembles a ballad but its just me meditating on an ordinary, less than favourable day, staying hopeful. A booking agent once asked me “are you scared of pop music?” . That stuck with me over the years, and this song starts to answer that question with No! Its not trying to be cool or smart in any way. Its me when I am around my family at xmas listening to Space Oddity when no one is watching.

Despite my nervousness the song has been streaming over 8000 times on Spotify in its open weekend. I’ve had some nice complements on the new sound. My new music isn’t exactly like this but the focus on songwriting and more guitar performance is a given! Hope you can dig.

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