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didnt sell my soul to shoreditch, i just stayed up north
proabably could afford it, but it seemed such a chore
twice the rent for half the life thats not it for me
but i was living scarecely not a abundantly
still that was fun for me, wasn’t used to much
on the come up, found someone to cuff
found someone to love, found someone to rub
and now i’m chilling, never felt this good

where r u coming from?
tell me where r u coming from?
where r u coming from?
tell me where r u coming from? tell me

young kid playing star wars, commodore 64,
i’m from a small village, wasn’t much to explore,
hardly left the door, dodging all my chores
casio mt-70 on my bedroom floor
upgrade to a yamaha, dreams of a star
but living like marcel proust oh my gawd
gonna let loose on this CD & give it to everyone i see

where r u coming from?
tell me where r u coming from?
where r u coming from?
tell me where r u coming from? tell me

she comes from the alps, weekend on her skii’s
spent fruitfully but left strain on her knees
as far as i can see, 12 reading dostoyevsky
she grew up so much deeper than me
had similar experiences with ecstasy
now i just want her to be next to me
and she deals with my shit, hastily
argue every day, healthy, sulkingly

where r u coming from?
tell me where r u coming from?
where r u coming from?
tell me where r u coming from? tell me

Free DL: starslingeruk.bandcamp.com
Apple/iTunes: apple.co/2ha2laQ
Spotify: spoti.fi/2j77YL4
Lyrics: genius.com/Star-slinger-didnt-…horeditch-annotated
art taken from a shoot w/ Sara Rman


Another morning on the bicycle taking toddler Paz to nursery. Its a short ride passing hundreds of coffee-hungry students under our local cafe’s umbrellas, drifting past different countries’ Embassies & down towards Tivoli park, but my hands certainly feel the chill. “Lets wait for the green man” I say as people straggle themselves to work. 9°C doesn’t sound bad on paper but I can feel the biting sensation of “winters coming soon”. The cold bites my hands as Paz sits relaxed in the child seat pointing at the orange leaves on the floor. Then I notice, the duck down jackets are here again & I wish I’d put on my gloves. How we’ll adapt to the pending minus weather I’m unsure but we always seem to pull through with thicker and thicker attire.

Today you will find me reading Marcel Proust: In Search Of Lost Time (Volume 1) and recording music at home. I’m really unsure when I’ll have a record worth releasing but what I do know is I’m thankful for good health & creativity & that there is still a core fanbase out there listening to the handful of music I released this year & the 6 years before it. Sending love to you!





I was riding my girlfriend’s bike back to our apartment this morning after dropping Paz at Nursery. Her bike is an old imported black Mamachari. Its a sturdy Japanese city bike which I recommend to anyone but it only has 1 speed.

Driving past Cankarjedom (a big events hall in Ljubljana) there is a big flat square of land & I see a big ramp ahead that I have to drive up. Of course I know I’m getting closer so I have to speed up on the one speed with enough momentum to get up the ramp without peddling too much/stopping to walk up. This simple act of preparation was super satisfying.

Of course the one speed bike is a limitation but it made me more active. Imagine you have a mountain bike with 18 speeds, and switching gears. Sometimes its more rewarding to have a great one speed bike and speed up & get ready for the ramp.

Thats how I feel about making music sometimes. Its better to work on one good idea at a time than a thousand small ones for the sake of it. Thrash out on that one idea (preparing for the ramp) and then finishing it (getting up the ramp) will be a breeze & more rewarding.








Star Slinger - How Did I Find You?

One morning last week I woke up unusually early & inspired. The night before I’d been reading a really good book about productivity & what stops us from creating something. That book is Steven Pressfield’s book The War Of Art. I recommend it to anyone who is doing something creative yet hits a wall, or is easily distracted.

Anyway, I thrashed out the first ideas, and then refined the song over the past couple days to make it more summery. There is an EP or album ahead of sorts.

Lyrically its a stream of conciousness song mashed somewhere between distractions /fantasising / wandering instead of working and also being in awe of the fate of ending up with the one you love.

If you’re on the mailing list you probably recieved the MP3 before anyone else. If not, you can stream below or purchase here. If you’re part of the Spotify gang – it should be up in a couple days!





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