Star Slinger Merchandise 2019 Caps Embroidered Mug etc


Hey Gang My store is back with brand new tees. A crispy white SS Tee & the new Always Be Motivated By Love tees. Plus a re-up of the Choose Yourself run and Didn’t Sell My Soul To Shoreditch tees. I’m making new Embroidered Caps & Enamel Mugs. Get hold of them at: Thank …

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Star Slinger - Choose Yourself Lyric Video Lyrics
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After seeing “Choose Yourself lyrics” showing up in YouTube search result suggestions I decided to make a lyrics video. The words are actually taken from the James Altucher book “Choose Yourself” which I do recommend that you read in its entirety. The point of my track is to point you in that general direction of choosing yourself. Instead of the life you’re sold on social media.

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Star Slinger - Self-Reliance Ralph Waldo Emerson
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SELF-RELIANCE. This song will avert your attention to a mindset of self-reliance. I hope this song will make you want to turn your back on the negativity of envy, and a life of imitation. Your life and its path are your own & you do not need to copy others. With the advent of social …

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Star Slinger 2019
Music songs


CHOOSE YOURSELF. This song will help you get out of a rut. This song will help when you feel you’ve lost your way. This song will help guide you. This spoken word song condenses quotes from a very helpful book I read last year. I guess the book itself could be perceived as self-help nonsense …

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20 sample-based electronic tracks made in the comfort of home. The sound sleeps somewhere between the fringes of hip-hop, soul and house music. Sampling everything from 50’s vocal groups to jazz standards to pscyhadelic rock to my drunken podcast interview with King Krule & my 5 year old daughter’s voice. On a deeper level, home …

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