20 sample-based electronic tracks made in the comfort of home. The sound sleeps somewhere between the fringes of hip-hop, soul and house music. Sampling everything from 50’s vocal groups to jazz standards to pscyhadelic rock to my drunken podcast interview with King Krule & my 5 year old daughter’s voice.

On a deeper level, home is the most important place on earth for most of us.

Incl. singles Didn’t Sell My Soul To Shoreditch, Hottest Day In New York, Good Chance & The First Thing You Picture When You Close Your Eyes.

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Artwork by Jimmy Thompson


First Love Music is my third and best LP to date. This time I’ve recruited my friend SCALLY on vocals/songwriting duties. The album sees us coming to terms with the Misadventures of First Love. In the words of F Scott Fitzgerald “There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.” We share more than the same birthday, and together we’ve made a body of work we are super proud of.

Together we’ve made our most authentic record to date featuring an all UK cast of rappers/singers incl. Murkage Dave, Mista Silva, Ryan Hawaii, Snowy, Nikita Holly, Gilli.jpg, Teef, Louise Wellby and Andre The Kid.

Early support from BBC 1xtra (Jamz Supernova named the album her No. 1 project of the week upon release), Highsnobiety and 30,000 streams opening week (organic, no playlisting or cosigns). Track 2, God’s An Only Child is the track people are most feeling. Let us know what you think!

Stream/Buy: http://lnk.to/-FirstLoveMusic