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I just released a new song about when the Slovenian national basketball team won the EuroBasket championship this year. My girlfriend wanted to watch the final & decided to bring some beers home (she never does this). I expect her to drink at least half the 4 beers for the occasion, but she only drinks one. Typical. Of course, with this patriotic occasion I expect her to drink more but she’s not really excited. Its the one day we might watch basketball & chill/ drink to it but I think she just wanted to hear the chaos outside after the game ends! (we live in an apartment above a busy street in Ljubljana).

The chorus is me singing a take on the slovenian chant “if you’re not jumping you’re not slovenian”. i changed it to “If you’re not jumping you’re not part of the gang” (imposter). More stories about the lyrics over on Genius.

Musically the inspiration for the song is my love of songs like Primal Scream’s Andrew Weatherall-assisted masterpiece Loaded & Stone Roses’ Fools Gold. Songs that basically mixed Indie & the drum breaks of hip hop. I didn’t really set out to make a song like this, but I had made a drum loop that sounded pretty 90’s & chopping it up lead to the inspiration for the track. The result I’m sure isn’t anywhere near Loaded or Fools Gold, but the song was really spontaneous & fun to make.