Star Slinger - The Meaning Of Life Artwork by Bryson Thurston
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Star Slinger · The Meaning Of Life

Here I am, announcing my new single which drops 14th December 2020. Thats right! On a Monday! I decided dropping bang in the middle of December made more sense (in my head) than say further towards Christmas. I tend to just release music based on when I’d wanna hear it.

I had the idea for this song on Suicide Awareness Day this year when I remembered a quote from Alan Watts that has helped me through some hard times. I shared it on my Instagram on that day because I felt it would be beneficial to those who feel lost about their lives. Who wake up with no purpose and beat themselves up about it. When in reality, I think life is simply about living. Not rushing around for a purpose & to achieve the most. Its about just being alive, as Alan says. That is a noble goal. To get up and to live. Yes its a fight, but we can get through it. This song tries to help people realise that.

The process started with me singing the quote along to a beat I made earlier this year. It seemed to fit perfectly, and so I got in the booth & pressed record. Once the draft was down on the hard drive, the verses came easy in my Notes app. A big inspiration for making this sort of record was the fact in January 2019 I had already put out “Choose Yourself” – a song which is basically me reading excerpts from James Altucher’s book of the same name over a beat of mine. That track has amassed 500k streams on Spotify since then & has been in heavy rotation on KEXP. It was also my most shared song according to Spotify Wrapped this year!

Download the song for free or Pay What You Like from Bandcamp player below or go stream on Spotify!

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